Quality Program

Our commitment to quality is exemplified by our registration to AS9100 since 2007. In addition, we have been audited and approved by NASA Marshall Space Flight Center for flight with no restrictions (Supplier # 80), which has led to a number of approvals by prime contractors and inclusion in a Ship-to-Stock program. Our QC room is temperature controlled to 68 degrees F. Our Calibration complies with the ANSI /NSL Z540-1 standard. Inspections are performed with tolerances ranging to .0001″.

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Quality Policy

Stephens Precision, Inc. is committed to profitably growing its business by supplying its customers with parts and assemblies at the level of quality and within the time frame that they require. The teamwork Stephens Precision, Inc. uses to accomplish this is established throughout the company and reaches into a close and cooperative relationship with its customers and vendors, and seeks continual and measurable improvement in the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Roundness Tester
Roundness Tester

Major Equipment:

  • Optical CMM Vision System, ROI Sprint 100
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine, Mitutoyo Crysta-Plus Ml
  • MicroHite Gauge, Brown & Sharpe LHN 24
  • Optical Comparator, Deltronic DH-140 with Quadra Check 200
  • Super Micrometer, Mitutoyo 4″, with Digital Mini-checker, .000005″
  • Roundness Tester, Precitech FMS
  • Digital Drop Indicator, Mitutoyo 2″, .00005
  • Digital Drop Indicator, Heidenhain MT25B 1”, .00002″

CMM and Height Gauge
CMM and Height Gauge

Surface and Standards:

  • Granite Surface Plates up to 3’x4′ Grade A
  • Bench Center, Mitutoyo 967, 7″ dia x 13.7″
  • Height Stand, Starrett Digicheck #258
  • Mechanical & Digital Height Gauges, 12″-24″
  • Gauge Blocks (Laboratory Grade)
  • Precision Pins, .011 to 1.000” (minus, plus, and .0005)
  • Thread, Thread Ring, and Ring Gauges

Quality Control Room Overview
Quality Control Room Overview


  • Sunnen Bore Gauges & Setting Fixture, .25″-6.0″
  • Sunnen PG-800 with setting Fixture PG-400
  • Bore Gauges, Mitutoyo
  • Air Gauging


  • Profilometer, Mitutoyo SurfTest SJ 301
  • Bausch & Lomb Stereo Microscopes
  • Hardness Tester
  • Complete line of indicators & micrometers, including digital